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Friday, March 9, 2012

The Walls

After watching a commercial on TV about Paint for walls... My 6 year old son says.. " Mom, can walls really talk?" I said " Yes, they can" He said "I never heard them" I told him "Then you don't listen close enough" He then walked over and put his ear up to the wall and said " Nope, still don't hear them!" - Julie


To my 3 year old: stop picking up bags of candy, were not buying any candy. You're gonna go up to strangers and talk to them and they'll give you candy. -Kate

A Lifetime

When my son Kian (pronounced Kee-an) was about 8-10 mos old he started to discover that "thing" that has been in his diapers all this time...he would pinch it, pull it and stretch it...(not even having this part myself I would cringe thinking "Kid! Doesn't that hurt!?") And all the while he does this he is giggling! Over the baby monitor one morning I heard my husband talking to Kian saying "dont worry are going to have a LIFETIME to play with that thing!" I almost died with laughter....Kian's response...giggling "Ah heh heh heh, heh heh heh!" Priceless! -Stephanie